Have you ever wondered why Hyundai's logo looks the way it is? Some might say it's simply just a stylish rendition of the letter H so as to make itself distinct from other brands. But according to Hyundai, their logo actually mimics two people reaching over and shaking hands.

That's right, Hyundai confirmed that their logo actually signifies just that. One represents the customer while the other signifies the company itself. Whoever designed it clearly knew how to incorporate the gesture into Hyundai's now-famous logo.

But during these trying times where a simple handshake could mean contracting the coronavirus, Hyundai decided to change their logo for the time being to promote social distancing. Instead of shaking hands, Hyundai decided to update its logo by having the two persons “bump elbows” with one another.

Hyundai just tweaked its logo to encourage social distancing image

With no direct contact with each other's hands, this lessens the chance of actually catching the disease, while still getting to interact with other people. While the revised logo looks more like a playful redesign, Hyundai's decision to temporarily change their logo could help other people realize how a simple change of greeting someone will curb the likelihood of spreading the coronavirus.

Apart from Hyundai, other brands such as Audi and Volkswagen also updated their logos not too long ago in order to promote social distancing. Audi's signature interconnected rings now stand a few centimeters apart. Meanwhile, Volkswagen decided to adjust the distance between the V and W letters on their logo.

As the world continues to battle against the coronavirus, getting to see automakers make slight changes to their logos in order to promote social distancing is actually a nice thing to see at times like these.