Like many automakers, Hyundai is investing so much in electric powertrains. You have the Ioniq and Kona EV, the Nexo FCEV (fuel-cell electric vehicle), along with other hybrid models in the global range. They've added another one, and it's called the Lafesta EV.

But what exactly is the Lafesta EV? The base car is actually a stretched version of the Elantra, slotting in just below the Sonata. This car is, essentially, a slightly larger Elantra with electric motors instead of a gas engine. However, Hyundai has pretty impressive claims about their electrified family sedan.

Should Hyundai PH bring in the Lafesta EV? image

They say that it can travel up to 490 kilometers on a single full charge, just like a car with an internal combustion engine. That's thanks to a sizable 56.5kWh high-capacity lithium battery. The powerful electric motors on the other hand is good for 203 PS and 310 Nm of torque, which should provide some interesting acceleration numbers.

But you won't know that just by looking at the car itself. The exterior is the same as the standard Lafesta, meaning some shades of the Elantra and Sonata. It does have a blanked out grill, and taking its place is its charging port. Wheels are also unique to the Lafesta EV, and so too are some small exterior details such as its front and rear bumpers.

Should Hyundai PH bring in the Lafesta EV? image

Inside, there's a fully digital instrument cluster with special displays to show relevant electric vehicle information such as charge and battery life. Also included is a 10.5-inch infotainment screen, one of the biggest fitted to a sedan of its size. Wireless charging is standard, and the panoramic sunroof can be opened or closed via voice control.

Given that we have the Ioniq in the Philippines, the odds of this car coming here are relatively slim. Then again, we source the Reina from China, where the Lafesta EV hails from.