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Hyundai makes history by conquering Antarctica in a Santa Fe


Hyundai Santa Fe completes 5,800 kilometer trek across Antarctica

Over time, there have been multiple journeys made to the Antarctic via different means. However, no passenger vehicle has yet to cross the roughly 5,800 kilometers of icy terrain in really harsh conditions, until now.

Hyundai, with the Santa Fe, has made history by being the first passenger car to journey across the Antarctic from Union Camp to McMurdo and back. Apart from this achievement, Hyundai made the journey in a standard 2.2-liter diesel Santa Fe with modifications made only to the suspensions and fuel tank.


Giant low-pressure tires were also fitted to take on the harsh, icy terrain and floating ice caps, which have never been traversed by wheeled vehicles before. The Santa Fe was prepared by Arctic Trucks, the same guys that often travel around the frozen tundras.

The journey took place back in December of 2016, and was timed to commemorate 100 years of the epic journey attempted by Sir Ernest Shackleton to cross the Antarctic in 1914-1916. No other driver would be more suited for the journey than Patrick Bergel, the great-grandson of Sir Ernest Shackleton.

“We were aware of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s story and as a company felt a resonance with his courage and pioneering spirit. Our film celebrates this spirit and through Patrick, his great grandson, completes his dream to cross Antarctica – just a hundred years later,” said Scott Noh, Head of Overseas Marketing Group at Hyundai.

To commemorate this historic journey to the Antarctic Hyundai has documented and made a video about the 30-day travel made by Patrick Bergel to complete his great-grandfather's initial journey.

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