It looks like it is not just the Japanese brands that are experiencing price adjustments this month of July.

Following the recent price increase of Honda and Toyota, Hyundai Asia Resources Inc. (HARI), the official distributor of Hyundai in the country, has also increased its prices on some of its models.

Starting with the all-new Accent, the B-segment fighter received a Php 40,000 increase across the range. With it, the Accent's price now spans from Php 790,000 all the way to Php 1,038,000. Aside from that, two new variants of the Accent were also introduced; the 1.4 GL-V M/T (Php 898,000) and the 1.4 GLS-V A/T (Php 970,000).

Accent 1.4 GL M/T (no airbags)


Accent 1.4 GL A/T (no airbags)


Acceent 1.4 GL M/T (w/ airbags)


Accent 1.4 GL A/T (w/ airbags)


Accent 1.4 GL-V M/T


Accent 1.4 GLS-V A/T


Accent 1.6 CRDi GL M/T


Accent 1.6 CRDi GL A/T


Hyundai PH hikes price on Accent, Tucson, Santa Fe, and Grand Starex image

Next on the list is Hyundai's compact crossover, the Tucson. From its original starting price of Php 1,308,000, the Tucson 2.0L GL with a manual now starts at Php 1,368,000 due to a Php 60,000 price hike. The 2.0L GL automatic, on the other hand, is now at Php 1,448,000 (+Php 70,000). As for the diesel-powered CRDi GL and GLS versions, they're now priced at Php 1,715,000 (+Php 70,000) and Php 1,885,000 (+Php 50,000) respectively.

Tucson 2.0L GL M/T


Tucson 2.0L GL A/T


Tucson 2.0L CRDi GL A/T


Tucson 2.0L CRDi GLS A/T


Hyundai PH hikes price on Accent, Tucson, Santa Fe, and Grand Starex image

Apart from the Tucson, the midsize Santa Fe also received a significant price adjustment. From Php 2,338,000, the Santa Fe now retails for Php 200,000 more at Php 2,538,000.

Santa Fe 2.2 CRDi GLS 2WD


Hyundai PH hikes price on Accent, Tucson, Santa Fe, and Grand Starex image

Also getting a bump in pricing is the facelifted Grand Starex. Both the 2.5 CRDi GLS (with swivel seats) and the more luxurious CRDi GLS Urban (also called Platinum) now retail for Php 2,225,000 (+Php140,000) and Php 2,938,000 (+Php 188,000) respectively.

Grand Starex GLS CRDi A/T


Grand Starex GLS CRDi Urban A/T


Beyond the models mentioned earlier, the rest of HARI's lineup was not affected by the price adjustment. These includes the following: Sonata, Veloster Turbo, Palisade, and the Kona and Ioniq Electric. Already receiving price adjustments last April 2019, however were the Reina, Kona and the Ioniq Hybrid.