This year alone, we saw the introduction of four, all-new Hyundai models in the country. These are the Kona, Santa Fe, Veloster, and the hybrid Ioniq. It's exciting times indeed for the Korean automaker but we are left with one question: Why don't we have the all-new Accent yet?

The fifth-generation Hyundai Accent made its debut back in February of 2017 and it's already in showrooms in the US, Canada, Russia, China, and India. The ASEAN market, which includes the Philippines, is noticeably absent. So why is that the case?

Speaking to Hyundai Asia and Pacific's non-technical trainer Sivitha Nakula, there is no advise whether the Philippines (or other ASEAN markets) will be getting the all-new model just yet. Locally, there is also no word on whether we'll be getting the all-new version of the popular small sedan. A source from HARI said that the current market for the Accent is the TNVS crowd and an all-new model will mean a price increase in the price-sensitive segment.

However, there is a glimmer of hope if you do want the all-new Accent to arrive in the country. There is a chance that the 2019 Accent will arrive here and, if so, the units will be sourced from India. The current ASEAN-spec model will come from either South Korea or the Czech Republic. Getting units from India might drive down prices as a result, meaning we might not see much of a price increase if ever the all-new Accent makes its debut here. Hyundai isn't confirming anything yet, but they're not denying anything either.

Given that the Accent is one of Hyundai Philippines' major sales drivers, it makes sense to bring in the fifth-generation model to the country. There are also loads of all-new competitors that entered the B-segment sedan market, which makes it all the more vital for the all-new Accent to be launched locally sooner, rather than later.