Alagang Breastfriend Mobile Diagnostic Clinic to offer free screening for breast cancer

One of the leading causes of death in the Philippines and also around the world is cancer. Each year, thousands are diagnosed with various kinds of cancer with one of the most common being breast cancer in women. Worse yet, some women, may not even know that they may have it, especially those who do not have access to detection equipment.

In a bid to promote wellness to women in underserved communities, the HARI (Hyundai Asia Resources Inc.) Foundation has partnered with UP-PGH and the UP-PGH Cancer Institute for the Alagang Breastfriend campaign. Using a modified Hyundai H350 equipped with the latest mammography and breast ultrasound facilities, they go around underserved communities around the country and offer free screening for early signs of breast cancer. They also impart relevant information about breast cancer to raise in order to awareness to women.

Hyundai PH spreads breast cancer awareness in Philippines image

So far, the Alagang Breastfriend Mobile Diagnostic Clinic was able to serve around 40 patients during its first mission. During these missions, women from different walks of life were brought together to share their life experience and close encounters with the Big C, as well as their transformation into breast cancer warriors.

The Alagang Breastfriend Mobile Diagnostic Clinic made its first out-of-town run in Cavite this July and will head to other places in the future. For more information about Alagang Breastfriend and breast cancer awareness, you may visit the Hyundai PH Facebook page.