Hyundai Asia Resources Inc. (HARI), the official distributor of Hyundai cars and commercial vehicles in the Philippines, is looking to build a world-class training and education center for developing skills in the automotive industry. It will be called the 'Hyundai Dream Center Philippines' (HDCP) and it is set to be inagurated on April 2018 in partnership with Plan International.

According to the company, HDCP will have a wide range of training curriculum that will equip HARI employees and chosen scholars the latest skills and technologiy in the auto industry.

Hyundai Training Center

“Keeping up with the fast pace of digital transformation in our business, HARI is out to foster quality education that will take the local automotive industry forward. HDCP represents HARI’s commitment, not only to improve the competence of our people, but also to educate bright young Filipinos to begin careers in manufacturing and automotive technology,” said Ma. Fe Perez-Agudo, HARI president and CEO.

Agudo added that the addition of HDCP in the Philippines is a timely investment. For starters, it can benefit out-of-school youth that the HARI can support in vehicle repair and maintenance training. Moreover, HDCP can also offer opportunities for outstanding students that can contribute to Hyundai's commitment to cultivate the youth's potential.

Hyundai Training Center

Scholars that will be able to finish the program can be employed by Hyundai dealerships to augment the company's growing automotive service staff.

“We are absolutely committed to contributing to the Philippines’ global competitiveness by setting the bar for automotive education and training as high as we can. HDCP is our tangible way of driving human capital development in the country, while making an impact in the future of our youth,” added Agudo-Perez.

When officially opened, HDCP will become part of the growing number of Hyundai Dream Centers the company has established in four countries since 2013. Currently, the batch of Dream Centers established in Asia and Africa engage local vocational schools to craft and impart their training modules.