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HARI Foundation, Inc. (HFI), the corporate social responsibility arm of Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), proudly formalized its funding support for Synergeia Foundation, one of the country’s innovative crusaders for quality education for children through a memorandum of agreement (MOA) signing last November 17, 2012 in Cagayan de Oro to underwrite its commitment to improving the access to and quality of basic education in Mindanao through its new 'Hyundai Embraces Lanao’s Partnership' or 'HELP' for Education Program.

The Hyundai HELP Program aims to engage the academe and local government to improve the quality of the system of basic education in the Lanao del Sur municipalities of Balindong, Calanogas, Ganassi, Kapatagan, Mulondo, Saguiaran, Taraka, Tamparan, and Marawi City.

The program envisions making quality education accessible to all and empowering stakeholders to create safe and sustainable learning communities through training and capacity-building. Program activities include the organization and/or reinvention of local school boards; provision of learning material and facilities to enhance the learning experience of Lanao del Sur students; and training teachers, parents, school boards, and local government units in management, mentoring, and developing effective instructional material for school children.

“We have always looked upon education as a key driver in the growth, development, and stability of our nation,” said Ms. Agudo. “Through this new opportunity to revive the spirit of unity and synergy with our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters dedicated to education excellence, HFI will continue to aim for higher standards of corporate social responsibility by helping in the development of conducive learning grounds for our future leaders.”

PHOTO CAPTION: At the Memorandum of Agreement signing were (center) Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. Foundation (HARI Foundation) President Ma. Fe Perez-Agudo with local leaders (L-R) Hon. Al-Rashid Macapodi, Mayor of Ganassi; Hon. Raysalam Mangondato, Mayor of Balindong; Hon. Nhasruddin Maglangit, Mayor of Kapatagan; Hon. Miguel Dominguez, Governor of Saranggani; Fr. Roberto Yap, SJ, President of Ateneo de Cagayan; Hon. Amenodin Sumagayan, Mayor of Taraka; Hon. Omar Soliario Ali, Chairman of Marawi City PMT; Hon. Macmod Muti, Mayor of Saguiaran; and Hon. Machol Abdulsalam, Mayor of Mulondo.