With the business climate upbeat with promising growth from various sectors, especially from the automotive industry, Hyundai remains even more determined to start the year right and take its growth prospects up a notch. And already, Korea's number one automaker is showing its mettle in elevating its sales performance, as it tallied a robust 30.4% growth based on January 2011 year-to-date sales. Still rising to the occasion and beaming from its astounding year-end victory in 2010, the fast-growing automotive brand consistently poses a strong market presence especially in the Passenger Car (PC) and Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) segments with the high turnouts of its bestselling models that have won the confidence and trust of thousands of Filipino motorists.

With this year's initial sales record, Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the official distributor of Hyundai automobiles in the country, expects that Hyundai will be well on its way to reinforcing its success as one of the leading automotive brands in the market, and continuing its commitment to strengthening the country's economy.

Amplifying the PC segment

Starting this year with a bang, Hyundai lauds an incredible 107% in terms of year-to-date (y-t-d) sales in the PC segment, further intensifying the automotive player's determination to overcome the competition with its roster of cutting-edge automobiles. From its already remarkable sales last December, Hyundai's performance continues to post stellar growth as attributed to the nonstop brand excitement offered by showroom attractions such as the Accent, Genesis Coupe, Getz, and Sonata, which all make up for Hyundai's resolution to strive in advance towards higher heights this year.

Now considered a hot classic with its remarkable fuel efficiency and iconic yet practical design features, the Accent continues to make waves in the market like an established tradition with an outstanding 68.6% sales growth based on year-to-date figures. Taking into account that the Accent is one of the most sought out cars in the market today, this road commute proves a formidable make in the segment, guaranteeing a promising sales performance this year.

Moving on to Hyundai's hippest and fun-to-drive hatch designed with a style-savvy and sensible interior, and a powerful, yet fuel-efficient petrol engine, the Getz makes a trailblazing headstart this January with a 64.5% growth. And just as how it has captured the attention of Filipino motorists with its utilitarian convenience and ingenious practicalities, this hippie hatch registers an assuring month-to-date growth of 25 percent versus its tallied sales in December last year, noting that it still meets the standards of the hatch-loving market.

Deserving of much accolade is the new generation Sonata, hailed as this year's International Car of the Year by Road and Travel Magazine during the 2011 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). No wonder the Sonata set off the year with an amazing 11% month-to-date growth, promising much bigger results in the coming months in the mid-size sedan category.

Completing Hyundai's top-selling passenger cars is the Genesis Coupe sports car, unrelenting with its 100% growth on a year-to-date basis and an amazing 200% month-to-date feat. These sales figures, together with the increasing demand for performance drives, only signifies that this 300hp racing technology still remains as one of the top choices of Filipino sports car enthusiasts.

Hefty growth for Hyundai's LCV offerings

Conquering new terrains with more strength and more power, Hyundai advances towards the Light Commercial Vehicle segment with the impressive initial growth of its leading LCV offerings, making it a force to be reckoned with in the said segment. HARI attributes Hyundai's gains in the LCV segment to the Tucson, Santa Fe, and the iconic Grand Starex, which are considered some of the most strongly in-demand Hyundai automobiles in the country today.

Standing as Hyundai's flagship automobile in the Philippines, the Grand Starex passenger van starts out the year confidently with a notable 45.3% growth. Moving on to the Compact SUV segment, the Tucson roars with a 79% month-to-date sales growth, a clear testimony of its class-leading performance not only on the city streets but also in the market.

Winning much admiration and support from many Filipino motorists, the Santa Fe completes Hyundai's lineup of hot-selling vehicles as it poses an astounding 500% year-to-date growth. With its refreshed design and intensified crossover capacities with new engine choices like the Theta II petrol engine and the R eVGT-the 3rd generation CRDi diesel engine, this handsome build makes for a commanding road partner, ready for any outdoor pursuits.

With Hyundai's bold start for 2011, Ms. Fe Perez-Agudo, HARI's President and CEO, is confident that Hyundai will further boost the automotive industry with greater sales feats and more milestones in the succeeding months. "This year, Hyundai chooses to move at full speed, firing up its own path with new developments and leading the industry with its best-of-breed innovations that promise to advance mobility to even greater heights," said Ms. Agudo.

"Our big thanks to Filipino motorists who continue to support our brand and what it stands for in the industry today - as a partner for mobility and an economic powerhouse, ready to make the business of automotives even more progressive for the country," concluded Ms. Agudo.