Hyundai Motor Company reveals unique concepts for single-person mobility for the future that can be utilized by congested cities across the globe. The concepts were created by Hyundai's engineers and will be showcasing the  prototypes at the company's 'IDEA festival'.

One of the more popular concept was the 'E4U' egg car. It has an egg-shaped body that can fit one person and was designed to be driven at low speeds on narrow roads. Its electric powered single-motor makes the entire light and easy to maneuver. Its name was derived from 4 E's: Egg, Evolution, Electricity and Eco-friendliness.


Some more ideas submitted were the multi-rotor flying car, spare tire electric bike, portable transforming car, five-jointed car, and the wind bike.

The 'IDEA festival' will feature these prototypes in September for an internal contest between Hyundai's engineers. The contest has been running for three years now and aims to challenge the company's R&D staff's creativity.