HARI (Hyundai Asia Resources Inc.) Foundation pushes their fight against the big C into overdrive with the second run of their Alagang Breastfriend campaign. Together with their partners UP-PGH and UP-PGH Cancer Institute, and armed with their especially equipped Hyundai H350, women from Novaliches were able to take advantage in the dissemination of information and free breast cancer screening offered.

The second run of the #AlagangBFF program was on August 24, 2019 at the Holy Family Parish of Bgy. Gulod in Novaliches, Quezon City—one of the biggest communities in District 5 with an estimated population of 100,000, much of whom is made up of informal settlers along the Tulyahan River that encircles the area.

“What’s good about Alagang Breastfriend is we bring the screening to the community.... we can do the consultation here as well as the mammography and ultrasound and if there is a suspicious lesion, we can do the biopsy right away. That further increases the chance that we catch the cancer earlier on at a stage where it is curable,” shared oncologist Dr. Rich King.

Hyundai pushes role of education in fight against cancer image

Thus far, both runs of the campaign have served close to 200 women patients, 10 of which were referred for biopsy. It was the first time for most of these women to receive a comprehensive module on the benefits of early screening and treatment of breast cancer.

“This is the greatest thing that can ever happen to cancer management in our country,” affirmed UP-PGH Cancer Institute Chairman Dr. Jorge Ignacio. “We hope that this success be duplicated to more areas. We already have requests to go to more barangays in Metro Manila, Bataan, and Cavite... The more we reach out, the more people we will be able to help.”

“I am heartened and inspired to learn about the ever-growing reach of our Alagang Breastfriend campaign. Our partnership with UP-PGH is an important step toward fulfilling our shared goal to provide the greater part of society access to important resources and technology that will help improve women’s overall well-being, and enable them to lead healthier, more productive lives,” said HARI Foundation Inc. President Ma. Fe Perez-Agudo.

The fight continues, and as we always say, information and early detection are key to fighting the big C. With Hyundai already doing their part in the battle, it would be nice to see everyone else follow suit.