As auto manufacturers scramble to launch their version of the most advanced form alternative propulsion, Hyundai Motor has quietly put together a formidable portfolio of engines that derive power from sources other than fossil fuel.

Hyundai Motor has just been honored by Germany's Center of Automotive Management (CAM) and consulting company Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) with the AutomotiveINNOVATIONS award for their outstanding work on launching vehicles with alternative-fuel powertrains that 'offer a perceptible added customer benefit.'

By increasing their 'innovations' effort by 42-percent in 2015, Hyundai Motor has become one of only five most innovative automobile manufacturers in the world honored by CAM and PwC.

With the launch of the IONIQ, Hyundai Motor becomes the only automaker in the world to mass-produce four electrified powertrains: hybrid, electric, plug-in hybrid and fuel-cell.

The ix35 fuel-cell model launched in February 2013 made Hyundai Motor the first to mass-produce and sell a hydrogen-powered vehicle.

The electric and hybrid models of the IONIQ will go on sale by the second half of 2016 while the plug-in hybrid will be launch by 2017.