Tired of driving around the carpark hoping for an open space? Hyundai might just have the solution for that. Dubbed the Automated Valet Parking System or AVPS, it's one of the latest concepts from Hyundai to make life that bit easier for motorists. So, how does it work?

Hyundai says that four key pieces makes this technology work, namely the car, the parking area, the charging facility, and the vehicle's owner. The owner of the vehicle can command the car to search for a parking slot via a smartphone application. Once in motion, the car and the parking facility are in communication with each other with the latter notifying the vehicle of an open space. Once clear, the car then goes to the designated parking spot.

Another function of the concept technology is to look for a charging port for electric vehicles. Like the parking function, the car and the surrounding charging points send signals to each other and the latter will then direct the car (autonomously) to an available port. When the electric vehicle is fully charged, it then finds an open parking slot. Also, you don't have to wander around the lot to find where your car parked itself, you can simply command it to go to you.

So when can the public see this piece of technology in their Hyundais? There is no definite timeline for now but Hyundai did mention that they are aiming for 'level 4' autonomous driving tech in their cars by the mid 2020s. They also mentioned that they are targeting 2030 as the year they start rolling out fully autonomous vehicles.