Some times you have to look to the past to get new inspiration. It appears that is what exactly Hyundai did when they recently released another teaser image of the 45 EV Concept.

A couple of weeks ago, Hyundai released the first teaser image of the upcoming electric concept. There, Hyundai showcased its unique full-width LED light bar that can show cool graphics and act as the car's taillights. We also got to see that the 45 appears to be a homage to the 'Pony', Hyundai's first-ever car which coincidentally is celebrating its 45th anniversary.

Now, Hyundai has revealed another teaser of the 45 EV Concept only this time we get to see a whole lot more of it. With it, we can confirm that the 45 is indeed a hatchback that features an angular design. It also comes with a unique set of headlights, a relatively long hood, as well as what appear to be a unique metallic finish on the bodywork.

Like Honda's e, it looks like Hyundai also went for the retro-modern look for their EV concept. While it does indeed borrow styling cues from the Pony, the designers also appeared to have taken inspiration from other 80's hatchbacks like the Lancia Delta Integrale, as well as the Mk1 Volkswagen Golf. With it, Hyundai appears to be banking on a nostalgic design to win over potential customers that may want the concept to become a reality.

Nostalgia aside, the exact design language used for the Hyundai 45 actually previews the future design language of their upcoming production EVs. We have yet to discover as to what exactly powers this electric hatchback. What we do know, however, is that it could have the next-generation platform that Hyundai will use for their latest hybrids, and battery-electric vehicles.

Let's just hope that the 45 will be as cool-looking as the teasers and sketches once Hyundai takes the cover off the EV concept.