No luxury automaker is complete without offering at least one hybrid or electric model in their range, but not so for Hyundai's luxury division: Genesis. But that might change soon.

Genesis has filed six trademarks that might be the first indicators that the brand will start a serious foray into electric or electrified mobility. By the looks of it, they want to, at the very least, add a hybrid version of each model they make.

Genesis might have whole range of hybrids coming soon image

Genesis had filed the trademarks eG90, eG80, and eG70 for their sedans, and eGV90, eGV80, and eGV70 for their crossovers. With the 'e' prefixed to the standard names, this suggests hybridized or even plug-in versions of every car in their range. If one has noticed, 'e' has typically denoted electrified or eco-friendlier variants of certain models. BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, and Volkswagen add that letter to their green models.

Interestingly, this trademark filing also hints at the brand considering a BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS rival with the eGV90. Also, the GV70 isn't even out yet but by the looks of things, Genesis could be seriously contemplating an electrically-assisted model in the future too.

Meanwhile, a possible eG90 test mule was spotted in South Korea recently. It was seen at a charging station so it's likely that car is already far in development. The G80 is all-new this year so it might take a while for it to appear. As for the eG70, no spy or leaked photos of it have surfaced at the time of writing.

Genesis might have whole range of hybrids coming soon image

With luxury automakers invested in electric drive, it's vital for Genesis to add hybrids, plug-ins, and EVs in their portfolio if they want to compete with the Germans and the Japanese. For now, Genesis has not released a timeline of their electrified lineup, but the sooner would be better for them.