Hyundai reveals the cargo van version of the Staria

When the Hyundai Staria first debuted, it looked unlike its late predecessor, the Grand Starex. With its sleek futuristic design, it's hard to see the stylish people carrier take on a different look aside from being an upscale people carrier.

As it turns out, Hyundai made a different version of the stylish van. But instead of carrying people, this particular Staria is meant for hauling cargo. Say hello to the Hyundai Staria Load and its spacious cabin.

Hyundai reveals cargo van version of the Staria image

Now available in Australia, the Staria Load succeeds the iLoad, which was based on the Grand Starex van. But what exactly did Hyundai change on the cargo version of its popular minivan?

While the exterior looks relatively the same, the Staria Load features metal panels where the rear windows normally are. It's a different story inside, though. With the rear seats gone, there's also a massive cargo area that is capable of storing 4,935 liters worth of luggage. It also allows drivers to fit long items such as furniture or carry several boxes/packages with ease. Not only that, but Hyundai claims that Staria Load has a cargo-carrying capacity of 1,090 kg.

Hyundai reveals cargo van version of the Staria image

In standard form, the Staria Load comes with the factory tailgate. However, Hyundai is also offering "barn doors" for easier opening/closing.

Despite being a cargo van, the Staria Load comes with plenty of standard amenities. It has a touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, a wireless charging pad, a digital instrument panel, air-conditioning, USB charging ports, a reverse camera, and rear parking sensors. Customers can also choose how many seats it can have; standard two-seater or a five-seat crew van.

Hyundai reveals cargo van version of the Staria image

The Staria Load uses a 2.2-liter turbo-diesel inline-four that produces 174 PS with 430 Nm of torque. It's paired with an eight-speed automatic gearbox. Surprisingly, the Staria Load is not available with a manual transmission.

With gray market dealers already selling the Staria in the Philippines, will they also offer the cargo van version in the future?