Once in a while, we come across interesting names in the international trademark office. There, we discover some up and coming models, as well as some bound for the Philippines. The latest trademark that caught our attention is from Hyundai with the name Staria Premium. But what exactly is a Staria?

The trademark was filed last June 1, 2020, for Staria and September 15, 2020, for Staria Premium in the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines. So far, the only clue we have is the classification of the product, but it doesn't narrow down anything. According to the trademark, it falls under “Automobiles; vans; wagons; electric vehicles; hybrid vehicles ”.

With those keywords attached to its name, we might see a new people carrier, but it is too early to tell what kind. It could be a large van or a small MPV (multi-purpose vehicle), but the trademark did a great job of keeping things as vague as possible. Some publications are suggesting that the Staria might be the next-generation Starex. The thing is, is Hyundai willing to kill off a long-established name in the van market? If we were Hyundai, we wouldn't discontinue the Starex brand.

However, there is another possible use for the name.

A few days ago, reliable sources told us that Hyundai will import several Indonesian-made models to the country. With that in mind, the Staria could be one of those future vehicles. Also, one of the products that will roll out from the Hyundai Indonesia factory is a compact seven-seat MPV. We reckon that falls neatly under the “Automobiles; vans; wagons” part of the local trademark.

But aside from the local trademark, the Staria is also registered in countries such as Malaysia, Laos, and Cambodia. Curiously, the name also reached as far as Germany, France, and Latin America. That said, more Asian countries have Staria trademarked in their local patent offices, and this product could be specific for this continent.

Whether the small MPV will have the Staria name or not, there are a lot of new Hyundai products to look forward to in the next few years. Aside from the upcoming seven-seater, future models in the pipeline include a subcompact sedan and hatchback, plus a three-row version of the Creta crossover.