Ever had to fumble through the pages of your Owner’s Manual to find the explanation for a new icon on the dashboard?

Thought so.

Well that may all change with the way Hyundai is revamping the old Owner’s Manual by making it more accessible using modern technology.

Later this year, Hyundai will become the very first mainstream automaker to make its Owner’s Manual available via an app using augmented reality.

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Called ‘Hyundai Virtual Guide,’ it is the automaker’s soft copy of the Owner’s Manual that can be viewed using a smartphone or a tablet.

The computerized indexing of pages and information makes every detail quicker to access for repairs, maintenance or for just a peek to understand new vehicle features.

It contains 82 how-to videos, six 3D overlay images of areas like the engine bay and also more than 50 informational guides. It will identify and give information about the air filter, Smart Cruise Control, Bluetooth, fuse box, Smart Trunk and more.

Hyundai Virtual Guide offers two- and three-dimensional tracking technology to deliver deep levels of information related to different parts of the car. All the user needs to do is position their phone or tablet's camera over the part they want to learn more about.

Currently, the app is only compatible with the 2015 Sonata but soon will feature other models as well. It will be available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play.