Believe it or not, the current-generation Hyundai Tucson is already four years old. It got a mild facelift last year, bringing the look somewhat more in line with the company's current design language. But with a raft of newer, fresher competition, Hyundai has to come up with the new one.

So for the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show, the South Korean automaker will be showing the Vision T Concept. It's a compact crossover much like the Honda CR-V, Subaru Forester and Toyota RAV4, and the 'T' in its name does provide a hint: This could be the next-generation Tucson.

Vision T. Tucson. Get it?

One look at the Vision T and you can see that it takes cues from the new Hyundai lineup. It appears much more radical then the current generation too, with a hint of Nexo and all-new Santa Fe mixed in. There's the massive grill and the huge Hyundai logo boldly displayed at the front. It also gets the slim headlight design which seems to be a thing these days.

Hyundai Vision T: A preview of next-gen Tucson? image

The side is of particular interest. Its roofline is rakish, much more than the current one. Shoulder lines are also well defined, giving the Vision T more presence. Then, there's the windows themselves and, much like all Tucsons of the past, it sweeps upward. In the case of this concept, it looks more dramatic than ever.

Hyundai isn't mentioning anything about the next-generation Tucson just yet. However, the Vision T is packing a plug-in hybrid powertrain, hinting that the production version might come with that option. What we are likely to see are compact, turbocharged gas engines or even turbodiesel mills.

With the Vision T, we could expect the all-new Tucson to come out within a year or two. Given that the Tucson is the oldest crossover in Hyundai's stable, a full redesign is in order.