Blue Plug can deliver 350 kilowatts and is expected to debut late 2023

Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) has taken the cue from Tesla and announced that it will start production of its own line of fast chargers called Blue Plug. This is due to the slow rollout and expensive cost of sourcing these devices from suppliers and third-party manufacturers.

Hyundai will produce its own fast charger called Blue Plug image

The Blue Plug is a DC fast charger – capable of putting out a whopping 350 kilowatts – that HMG intends to use across all three brands, Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis, after its expected launch late this year. The initial plan is to use Blue Plug to power the company’s ultra-fast charging network in South Korea called E-pit, which was launched in April 2021. Each E-pit station has four to six 350-kilowatt chargers. Currently, E-pit has 12 stations and 72 high-powered chargers.

While that may sound like a lot, it still pales in comparison to Tesla’s 106 Supercharging sites, and Hyundai is not taking this lightly. By manufacturing the Blue Plug themselves, HMG will cut costs and increase scale to speed up the expansion of the E-pit across South Korea.

Hyundai will produce its own fast charger called Blue Plug image

It is still early to expect HMG to market the Blue Plug outside of South Korea as it is currently concentrating on the E-pit. But given HMG’s wide range of electrified vehicles, it will not be a longshot to expect its latest endeavor to reach countries that already have their hybrids and electric vehicles.