BMW ConnectedDrive arrives in the Philippines

BMW distributor SMC Asia Cars Distributors Corp did not only launch the all-new i4 in the country today. Aside from expanding their EV lineup, they have also launched BMW ConnectedDrive. It’s comprised of intelligent wireless connectivity features that allow drivers to locate their car, remote control certain features, and have access to a digital key, among others.

Equipped as standard on the recently launched i4 EV, BMW ConnectedDrive connects your vehicle to the outside world. It works via an eSIM that’s installed on the vehicle which turns the i4 into a drivable smartphone on wheels and works in tandem with the BMW MyApp.

i4 EV is first BMW to have Connected Drive in PH image

As mentioned earlier, it features amenities and concierge services. These include a vehicle finder that remembers where you last parked your BMW, a digital key that you can use with a compatible smartphone that lets you access the vehicle much like the smart key that comes with the car, real-time traffic information updates along with BMW Maps, remote controlling certain functions of the car like the climate control, and contacting emergency services via the SOS button on the ceiling should they be needed. The SOS feature is perpetual and has no extra charges/fees for users.

i4 EV is first BMW to have Connected Drive in PH image

As a bonus feature, the BMW ConnectedDrive also comes with a personalized BMW ID which can be used along with the MyBMW App. When a user logs into their account while inside the i4 (or similar vehicle with BMWConnected Drive), the car automatically sets the last settings of the driver/user. These include climate control settings, the drive mode, and other settings of the amenities & in-car features.

i4 EV is first BMW to have Connected Drive in PH image

Need to check the vehicle status before heading out? The BMW ConnectedDrive also lets drivers check oil life, fuel level (on ICE models), and battery status remotely via the BMW MyApp.

With the BMW i4 the first vehicle to have this nifty feature, does this mean other cars will also get it? Speaking with KD Caballero, Product Planning Assistant at SMC Asia Cars Distributor Corp, future BMW models will also come with ConnectedDrive along with the eSIM. However, there was no mention of what exact new models will come with the aforementioned Connected Drive.