More and more businesses may now resume operations during Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine. One of them is car washes, according to the IATF-EID (Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases).

Under IATF Resolution 37, Section 3 (5) (p), “Repair and maintenance of vehicles, as well as its parts or components, including car wash services” are allowed to operate at full capacity. The previous resolution did not explicitly mention vehicle washing and detailing services, and this resolution has clarified that.

With large parts of the country under General Community Quarantine and Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine, car wash services must adhere to the “new normal” rules. Section 3 (1) of Resolution 37 mentions that “Minimum public health standards shall be complied with at all times for the duration of the MECQ”. That means physical distancing guidelines, along with sanitation and disinfection measures must be followed by both customers and staff of the facility.

So if you've been holding off cleaning the exterior of your vehicle for the past couple of months, there's no need to worry. With this amendment, you may now go to your nearest car wash or detailer today without any worries of repercussions.

However, do make sure to bring your proper documentation, such as, but not limited to, IATF Rapid Passes, APOR (Authorized Persons Outside Residence) pass, or Quarantine Pass, to be able to get there in the first place. If you do not have any form of valid identification that allows you to leave your residence or subdivision, it is advised to stay home and, in this case, clean the vehicle yourself.

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