Cars these days come with all sorts of safety equipment. You have features like stability control and adaptive cruise control, but those systems are moot without brakes. So if your car needs a new set of them, you can check out Icer Brakes.

The Spanish company's products are now available in the Philippines and chose Autoperformance PH as its distributor.

“We are proud to offer premium quality brakes at affordable prices, directly from Spain. We are confident that Autoperformance PH is the perfect partner in the Philippines: a top aftermarket company, now with Icer – a top brake manufacturer with products 100% Made in Spain,” said Miguel Sancho, Export Manager for Icer Brakes.

Icer Brakes now available in PH, more products coming soon image

“We believe that the value proposition ICER products offer is something that is lacking in the Philippine market. and we want to make sure all Filipinos can get ICER brake pads for their vehicles quickly and hassle-free,” said Francis Aguila of Autoperformance PH.

So, where can one avail of Icer brakes? These products are available in automotive stores nationwide. But if you prefer to purchase it from the comfort of your home, you can also get it delivered via Lazada.

But before you purchase or order brake pads, you have to know what suits your vehicle. That is why Autoperformance PH also set up a website to make shopping easier. Aside from pads, you can also order brake discs, brake shoes, brake cleaner, and fluids. These items will soon be available for order. So if your brakes need service soon, you can take a look at what Icer has to offer here.