Koeniggsegg IFOTA system sounds a bit odd

There is a whole alphabet soup of acronyms in the world of automotive technologies. Some examples include ABS, SRS, ACC, and many more. However, there are times when these acronyms spell out something rather amusing. In the case of Koenigsegg, it's a little bit naughty in our language.

Koenigsegg recently unveiled their latest piece of technology allowing over-the-air updates for their cars. The company calls it the Instant Firmware Over The Air System. Or IFOTA. Cue giggling from us in the office.

Now that we've put that aside, IFOTA is rather revolutionary. While over the air (or “cloud”) updates are used by some automakers these days, they usually just revolve around the vehicle's infotainment systems. IFOTA blends high-tech software and hardware that is then integrated into the vehicle's system. So what makes it such a significant piece of technology?

According to Koenigsegg, IFOTA can immediately update the vehicle's user interfaces, user experience, car dynamics, drivetrain HV components, and more. That is thanks to the special memory slots in the Koenigsegg node system. The user simply performs an update, and the system can then switch from the old dataset to the new one in a few seconds. Koenigsegg boldly claims that IFOTA makes all other known OTA or FOTA systems seem antiquated.

The company says they will implement this system into the Regera by the end of 2021. Should it prove successful, we could see this technology trickle down into more mainstream models. Who knows, we might even see a similar system in a humble family crossover in 20 years. Of course, it would be interesting (and amusing) if they'll still call it IFOTA by then.