Mayor-elect Vico Sotto is looking to change a lot of things in Pasig City. Just a few weeks ago, Sotto said he will abolish the odd-even coding scheme on his first day of office as Mayor as it has proven ineffective and unfair for some motorists.

Now, the 29-year old incumbent also wants to remove the quota system that traffic enforcers use in the city. According to Sotto, the first thing that he'll do besides removing the odd-even scheme is to get rid of the quota system imposed on Pasig's Traffic and Parking Management Office (TPMO).

“Instead of focusing on managing / directing traffic flow in the city, the enforcers are more focused on apprehending traffic violators just so they can meet the monthly quota. They're always pressured to catch motorists instead of actually helping alleviate traffic in Pasig City,” said Sotto.

By removing the quota system, Sotto believes that it will allow Pasig's TPMO enforcers to do their job better without being compelled to meet a monthly quota of issuing citation tickets to motorists that commit traffic violations.

Aside from that, the 29-year old Mayor-elect also wants to put up a system wherein the public can reports acts / incidents of bribery. This will help curb corruption, as well improve the traffic and political system in Pasig.

With both the odd-even scheme and quota system set to be removed by Vico Sotto, the city of Pasig may soon be passable to all motorists once more.