At a lunch today in Makati with BMW Philippines executives led by Ms. Maricar Parco, Asian Carmakers Corporation president, we had a chance to chat with their outgoing Executive Director, Mr. Glen Dasig.

Dasig has been tapped to lead Eurobrands Distributor, Inc. (EDI), otherwise known as Peugeot Philippines, as the company's new president.

“For the last 4 years I have been fortunate enough to work with BMW Philippines under Ms. Maricar Parco's leadership,” said Mr. Dasig, incoming Peugeot Philippines president. “There have been a lot of innovative ideas that we have been able to implement and run with to market what the the BMW brand is all about.”

Dasig will succeed Mr. Felix Mabilog, Jr. who has been elevated to Vice Chairman of the Columbian Group of Companies. The automotive conglomerate also includes Asian Carmakers Corporation (BMW) and Columbian Autocar Corporation (Kia) and is led by Chairman Emeritus Jose Ch. Alvarez who is also serving as the Governor of Palawan.

Felix Mabilog, Jr. founded Peugeot Philippines after a long career at the helm of Kia Philippines. Mabilog and his team quickly worked to re-establish the French automotive marque in the country after two prior attempts by other groups. Pundits have been critical of the elderly Mabilog's leadership and business style but the results speak for themselves: the Peugeot brand has expanded to 10 dealerships in just two years.

Dasig is a veteran automotive industry executive, and he has been at his post as Executive Director of BMW since 2011, though prior to that he worked with Ford Group Philippines in various capacities. We had a chance to pick Dasig's ideas over lunch on what he aims to do with the Peugeot brand in the Philippines come March 23, the official date that he will assume his new posting.

“Well right now I'm still an outsider but the way I see it, we are going to try some new things in the way the Peugeot brand is experienced by the customers. The French have a certain way of doing things whether it be with their food, fashion, anything,” said Dasig. “There's a certain difference and flair about the French, and I want Peugeot Philippines to be able to offer that different experience to every customer. That's what they're buying after all.”

We asked Glen Dasig if he would be implementing a radical change in the way Peugeot sells cars in the Philippines to which he answered: “No, not a total change. But we do have to adjust to who and how we sell the brand and our cars. We have to sell that different experience and stand out in the market because Peugeot is very unique. We can't sell our cars just based on advanced technology or efficient engines. Everybody does that. We have to be different.”

In the midst of that conversation, a stylishly-dressed man passed beside us on the sidewalk, to which the incoming president of Peugeot Philippines said: “There, see that guy? That's the kind of person I would pitch a Peugeot to. The way he's dressed, the way his hair is styled and the way he carries himself differentiates him from the crowd of men in this area. That's a potential Peugeot customer right there.”

What do you think of the plans of Peugeot Philippines' incoming president?