The Infiniti-Nissan Synaptiq concept has won the first-ever People's Choice Award during the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show design challenge.

With the theme of "Sensing the Future: How will Cars Interact with us in 2029?," the Synaptiq concept has receieved the most online votes.

“Our designers loved participating in the LA Auto Show Design Challenge, conceptualizing how Infiniti drivers could interact with their vehicle in the coming decades. It’s extremely gratifying for the public to also dream a bit with us and identify with such ideas that may seem a bit futuristic, but may just not be that far away from reality,” said John Sahs, Infiniti interior design manager.

As previously reported, the design development of the Synaptiq concept was spearheaded by the Filipino-Canadian designer Randy Rodriguez of Nissan Design America. It previews the future of how we connect to automobiles through the Symbiotic User Interface Technology (S.U.I.T). The S.U.I.T. connects the driver's thoughts to the vehicle through a spinal lock attachment and the Synaptiq is controlled solely by the driver's thought.