This coming Auto Shanghai, Nissan's luxury division will reveal a large, four-door concept. Not only that, it will be fully electric. Infiniti has even set a target date for its production version, which is within three years. They call it the Qs Inspiration Concept.

By the looks of it, the design seems to be a departure from the current Infiniti design language. In fact, it appears to take some inspiration from the past. There are hints of the classic Z car with its long hood and sharp-looking front end. There is no grill present, as it is an electric vehicle after all. However, some chrome pieces on the bumper suggests the outline of future Infiniti grills.

Infiniti will soon make an all-electric sports executive sedan image

There are more classic cues on the side with its long hood, short deck profile. It even has a liftback design as an ode to the Z cars from the 70’s. On the flipside, there are modern design cues on the con car as well. For example, there’s a high window line and blacked-out front pillars, giving it an impression of having a floating roof. With its dramatic looking profile, it’s easy to mistake it as a swoopy coupe, right until you see the well disguised rear doors.  At the back meanwhile,  the tail lights consist of slim LED strips, along with creases on the corners.

As for its production version, Infiniti is adamant on electric power although Nissan's e-Power tech will also serve as an alternative powertrain for the car. However, it is yet to be known if the Qs Inspiration will essentially serve as a preview for the next Q50 (also known as the Nissan Skyline in Japan) or be a standalone model. If that’s the case, we could also be looking at the future platform of the much awaited next-generation Nissan Z.