Infiniti trades boxy shapes for sleek lines in QX60 Monograph

Three-row SUVs are not exactly the most stylish of vehicles. Big and brutish, most see them as boxy models that take up too much space on the road. Infiniti, however, wants to change how we look at these three-row behemoths.

This is the Infiniti QX60 Monograph, and it's our first look at what the next-generation QX60 will look like. While it may still have that familiar SUV-style shape, its overall design anything but traditional.

QX60 Monograph shows Infiniti can make cool three-row SUVs image

With a wide stance and a coupe-like roofline, the QX60 Monograph is one sleek-looking three-row SUV. Paired with a massive front grille, tapered headlights, and muscular fenders, all of this helps give the Monograph a sculpted and classier look. Meanwhile, the long-wheelbase, rakish A-pillar, full-width taillights, and teardrop-shaped glass area further highlight the SUVs' more sophisticated design.

“In crafting this Monograph, we wanted to change the tonality of the QX60 and transform the nameplate from a sculptural and architectural point of view. We raised the visual center of gravity, giving it a strong, straight shoulder line that carries through to the hood, with a higher, more prominent grille, and longer-looking cabin to deliver a sense of muscularity and a commanding presence,” said Alfonso Albaisa, senior vice president, Global Design, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.

QX60 Monograph shows Infiniti can make cool three-row SUVs image

Besides having a sleeker shape, the QX60 Monograph also has a unique platinum paint that is paired to a blacked-out roof. The former gives off a liquid metal-like finish which helps it have a more reflective shine that captures light and shadow with more detail. The latter, on the other hand, creates a strong contrast against the bright platinum finish for a more dramatic effect on the SUV.

Those with keen eyes might have also noticed that the front grille has a unique pattern of sorts. That's because Infiniti actually drew inspiration from Japanese origami. The result is a unique two-dimensional design that gives it a 3D-like appearance. The same patterns can also be seen on the side air intakes, as well as on the front corners of the bumper.

QX60 Monograph shows Infiniti can make cool three-row SUVs image

“We commenced the design of the Monograph knowing this was an opportune time to start a discussion about where we are planning to take the QX60 in the future and more broadly, where we are heading as a brand with our design language”, added Albaisa.

While some may see the redesign of the QX60 Monograph as sacrificing cabin space for style, Infiniti did claim that the interior of the next-generation QX60 will still offer plenty of space and luxury.

QX60 Monograph shows Infiniti can make cool three-row SUVs image

Sadly there are no interior photos of the QX60 Monograph available as the company solely focused on the exterior design. But if this is what we'll be seeing on the next-generation model, (as well as in other Infiniti cars and crossovers), then Infiniti sure did a good job in making a new design philosophy.

The Infiniti QX60 Monograph is making its official debut at the 2020 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition.