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Insider: Toyota and Peugeot to work together for a big sedan?


Possible collaboration post-86?

During the Philippine launch of the 86 last week, we had a chance to catch up with the enigmatic Chief Engineer of the 86/BRZ Project, Tetsuya Tada.

We actually prodded him, especially considering the incredible result of their collaboration with Subaru, for what they are working on next. Tada-san obliged us a little teaser.

“Tada-san, what brand is Toyota planning on working with in the future?” I asked.


“Peugeot,” he said.

“Chisai kuruma? Ooki kuruma?” I inquired further in whatever Japanese I had left, hoping the alcohol we had been consuming would get a more revealing answer.

“Ooki kuruma,” Tada-san concluded. Directly translated, it literally means 'a big car'.

If you're a car enthusiast, or at least familiar with the Peugeot brand from France, you would know that they're specialists when it comes to ride comfort. Currently, Peugeot builds the 508 in the large sedan/executive car segment. Incidentally, Peugeot is also getting ready for their re-launch in the Philippines in the coming months.

Much like when Toyota sourced handling and performance specialist Subaru for a jointly-developed sportscar, a collaboration with Peugeot for a big, comfortable car or sedan could mean another great addition to the Toyota line up.

We'll have to wait and see what happens with this in the future.

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