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Intelligent Clearance Sonar reduces parking accidents by 70%


New Toyota parking sensor tech also reduced reverse parking incidents by 40%

How many of the nicks and bruises on your car have come from parking-related issues caused by tight confines, misapplication of throttle pressure or just poor judgement on your part?

Toyota Motor Corporation may not have solved the problem entirely but have found a solution that significantly reduces majority of the accidents that happen in parking spaces.


Research gathered from about 60,000 vehicles pre-installed with Intelligent Clearance Sonar (ICS) – the Alphard, Vellfire and the Prius – over an 18-month period have shown that ‘pedal misapplication accidents fell by approximately 70%, and accidents related to reversing have been reduced by approximately 40%.’

ICS uses improved software, clearance sonar with additional sensors, and increased range in order to detect obstacles during sudden start caused by pedal misapplication.

It is primarily designed to reduce collision damage within parking lots and when pulling into a parking slot but it is also active during low speeds to prevent accidents with adjacent vehicles in traffic if there has been incorrect pedal misapplication. 

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