It wasn't too long ago when Volkswagen AG put the final nail into the coffin rumors that they were planning to sell Ducati and Lamborghini. Not only did they confirm that both Italian brands will continue to be part of Volkswagen Group, but they also said that Bentley will stay under the company as well.

However, an investment group has put forward a large offer for Volkswagen to acquire The House of The Raging Bull. In a report by AutoCar UK, Zurich-based holding company Quantum AG has sent a letter of intent to Volkswagen earlier this month. In the letter, Quantum AG has offered to buy Lamborghini for EUR 7.5 billion (around PHP 442.4 billion).

Quantum AG doesn't only want to buy just the Lamborghini name, however. The deal also includes the company acquiring the entire Sant'Agata facility in Bologna, Italy, as well as the automaker's motorsports division. There would also be a five-year supplier agreement with Audi which will likely allow Lamborghini to continue making current models, while also developing new ones.

A strategic proposal between Volkswagen and Quantum AG was also laid out with Lamborghini involved. The proposed partnership calls for the sharing of intellectual property and electric vehicle technology as well as the establishment of an Advanced Automotive Innovation Centre based in Germany. The Lamborghini development center will also see the development of software and autonomous technologies, as well as the development of e-fuels and hydrogen-based powertrain systems.

Investment group wants to buy Lamborghini for EUR 7.5 billion image

There's no word yet whether the Volkswagen Group is interested in Quantum AG's deal. However, Volkswagen Chairman Herbert Diess and Audi Chairman Markus Duesmann are claimed to be already familiar with Quantum AG's intent to buy Lamborghini.

Assuming Volkswagen does agree to the deal, what will happen to the employees and executives of Lamborghini once it's under the management of Quantum AG? The Zurich-based company said that it will retain the existing Automobili Lamborghini management. The purchase will also include job assurances for existing Lamborghini employees for a period of up to 5 years. 

But just who or what is Quantum AG? The newly-established company appears to have ties with Piech Automotive, which is also based in Zurich. If the name sounds familiar, it's because it was founded by Anton Piech, son of the late former Volkswagen executive, Ferdinand Piech. Although it's not clear yet whether Piech has any role in the attempt to buy Lamborghini from Volkswagen.

Should Volkswagen actually agree to Quantum AG's purchase of Lamborghini, it could see the Italian sports car maker cut loose from its German parent company of 23 years. All we can do for now is wait for an official word from Volkswagen.