Hyundai is adamant to launch more zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) in the not-so-distant future. Aside from announcing its plans to be carbon neutral by 2045, the company was also busy showing its plans to introduce more hydrogen-powered fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) in the coming years.

With the automaker outlining its plans to be a more environmentally-friendly company, Hyundai is going all out for ZEVs. But that doesn't mean the automaker has forgotten about its EV sub-brand, Ioniq.

After launching the Ioniq 5 hatchback earlier this year, Hyundai has released another teaser of its upcoming EVs. While we already know the Ioniq 6 will be based on the Prophecy concept launched last year, we still have no idea what the Ioniq 7 will be (apart from that it's going to be a crossover SUV).

Ioniq 7 to be Hyundai

But Hyundai has just recently confirmed that the Ioniq 7 will serve as the brand's flagship electric SUV, and boy does it look so sci-fi. That means we can expect it to have plenty of standard amenities once it's officially revealed. Official details regarding the flagship EV have yet to be revealed. But according to the Korean Car Blog, it will also be based on the company's E-GMP platform, and then some.

Based on the report, the Ioniq 7 will have three rows of seats which could essentially mean it will be the biggest Hyundai EV yet. Not only that, but it will have a massive 100 kWh battery pack. According to preliminary information, the EV will have a range of 483 km and is rumored to have 308 PS. They didn't mention the torque, but we expect it to be a lot. 

As for its launch, the company will supposedly plan to reveal it in 2024 and it will serve as the company's most high-tech EV to date. It will also reportedly feature the so-called Highway Driving Pilot Tech which will serve as the vehicle's autonomous driving function.

Ioniq 7 to be Hyundai

When it comes to design, the Ioniq 7 will likely have an imposing front end and will have a sleek angular profile. But other than that, Hyundai is not yet ready to fully reveal the Ioniq 7's looks.

It is likely that the Ioniq 6 will be revealed first, but with the market continuing to buy more SUVs, we won't be surprised if Hyundai decides to launch the Ioniq 7 as early as possible.