There is one less American car brand in Iran after the country banned the importation of Chevrolet cars. This comes after Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's Supreme Leader, criticized U.S. auto imports and asked the government to strengthen domestic production.

According to an unnamed official of Iran's Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, about 200 Chevrolet cars will have to have their import order cancelled. Total worth of the shipment of Chevrolet vehicles amount to $7 million. The Ministry official also said that the individual that registered the orders has been informed that their imports have been banned but are still in transit. The origin of the Chevrolet cars are believed to have come from South Korea.

The recent development comes as a stark contrast to Iran's plan of broadening their ties with other countries. After the Iran nuclear deal was agreed upon, several international sanctions were lifted last January which also allowed the country to import international car brands like Chevrolet.

Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

With the ban in full effect, only several car brands like BMW, Hyundai and Porsche are allowed to be imported to the country.

Ultimately however, foreign-made automobiles are available in Iran but have high import tariffs that make them unattainable for most buyers. Other imports can sometimes be not allowed if they are deemed 'luxury' or 'unsafe' vehicles.