It looks like there won't be new engines coming from Audi in the future. As the company continues to further improve on electrification and broaden its electrified lineup, Audi has decided that they will only improve existing engines from here on out.

According to a report by German publication Automobilwoche, Audi CEO Markus Duesmann has called for the development of new gasoline and diesel engines to stop. But that doesn't mean Audi will also stop making engines altogether. Instead, the existing engines the company currently has will be updated and improved to meet stricter emission regulations.

Is Audi saying goodbye to the internal combustion engine? image

“We will no longer develop a new internal combustion engine, but will adapt our existing internal combustion engines to new emission guidelines,” said Duesmann.

With the European Union (EU) planning for a stricter Euro7 emissions standard, Audi's decision to stop developing new engines may actually be beneficial to them. Not only will it allow Audi to save on costs, but they can also improve their existing engines faster.

Is Audi saying goodbye to the internal combustion engine? image

But don't expect Audi to abandon the internal combustion engine right away. With the Euro 7 emission standards set to take effect in 2025, Audi will still be busy producing engines for hybrids and even non-hybrid models.

Source: Automobilwoche