Think Brazil, and immediately you might think of the lovely beaches, the urban favelas, and maybe even the yearly Carnival Festival. But this South American country may also become one of the most influential countries when it comes to designing automobiles.

Remember when Nissan said that the Kicks was designed in Brazil? Well it looks like Volkswagen also sought help from their designers in Brazil, particulary Volkswagen do Brasil. What did they come up with? This, the New Urban Coupe.

Set to be produced in Europe and sold in international markets, the 'New Urban Coupe' will combine a high driving position and a sporty aesthetic. It will be underpinned by the company's transverse MQB platform, which is already seeing use in a wide variety of Volkswagen, SEAT, and Audi nameplates.

Other details regarding the automobile itself is scarce. But based on the design sketch alone, the New Urban Coupe will have a crossover-like appearance and could only have two doors. It is also set to have massive wheel wells but since this is just the initial sketch, the production model may differ greatly. A sleek set of headlights, along with short front and rear overhangs complete the coupe's eye-catching appearance.

“For the first time in our history we will be offering our very own vehicle concept on the international market, and sharing design, technology and know-how from Brazil with the world,” said Pablo Di Si, president and CEO of Volkswagen Latin America.

The design and production of the New Urban Coupe is part of the company's restructuring program that is aimed at supporting business opportunities in the South American market. Through 2020, Volkswagen is looking at investing EUR 1.5 billion (about Php 85.8 billion) in Brazil to further development of new products and digitalization.

The world premiere of the New Urban Coupe is set to happen some time in 2020. Production, on the other hand, will commence at the Anchieta plant in the same year. The same vehicle will also be produced in Europe starting in 2021.