Geely may be one of the newest automakers in the country, but they're making big waves in the industry. In less than a year, they have sold over 1,000 units. Despite the ongoing pandemic, Geely has been defying the odds by posting more sales than the previous month too.

Does this mean Geely is the next rising star in the local automotive scene? With the trajectory the brand is going, it seems to be a yes.

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Just last month, the Chinese automaker shifted 263 units of their Coolray crossover. That number may sound small but that makes the Coolray the country's top-selling five-seat subcompact crossover. To put that into perspective, it outsold models from established makes such as Ford EcoSport, Suzuki Vitara, and Nissan Juke. It also means a Chinese brand is at the top of a very competitive segment, which was something that couldn't be said in the past.

What makes Geely's rise up the sales charts spectacular is that they've relied on just one model to get them up there. Before the launch of the Azkarra, the lone vehicle they sold was the Coolray, and the 1,000th unit just rolled off the dealership last month. With the addition of the Azkarra to the range, it should expand the appeal of the brand even more. In July, Geely Philippines sold 29 units of the Azkarra C-segment crossover, which helped the brand have a total tally of 292 units for that month.

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Should the Azkarra gain momentum, the brand could knock on the door of the country's top ten selling brands. At the moment, they sit in ninth in nationwide passenger car segment sales, which is quite the feat with just a two-car lineup. However, Geely cannot rest on their laurels on the Coolray and Azkarra if they want to grow even more in the country.

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Geely Philippines appears to acknowledge this and there will be three more models coming soon: an MPV, a sedan, and another crossover. However, we've been told that the model expansion plan has been put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic that's still sweeping across the world. Still, the mention of more models coming soon on the local website is a good indication of Geely's plans in the Philippines.

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Nonetheless, Geely's sales performance makes them a brand to look out for, especially for some of the country's established and long-running auto companies. Of course, it helps that their cars sell well because of merit, and not just price. The Coolray is one of the few cars we've given a perfect score, while the Azkarra came close to bagging a perfect ten.

If Geely's follow-up models will retain a good value proposition, and be just as good as their current offerings, then we don't see why the brand won't prosper in the country. That said, there's more pressure on them to consistently deliver one good product after another. It won't be easy, but it will be interesting to see how Geely's local strategy will pan out.