Looks like Honda is indeed serious in making more electric-powered cars. Aside from the cute and retro-inspired e which is set to make its official debut soon, the automaker appears to be planning on making the Sport EV Concept a reality as well.

Honda Sport EV production image

First revealed during the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, the concept borrows styling cues from coupes of old and is powered by a high-tech electric powertrain. Its long hood, short deck design gives it an unmistakable look while also making it aerodynamic.

However, patent images of what could be the production version have surfaced on the web and they are looking promising albeit slightly different from the concept. Unlike the original, the supposed patent images show a more rounded, bulbous design.

Honda Sport EV production image

Granted, both the headlight and taillight designs remain the same, but almost every aspect of the concept has been altered. And thanks to the new shape, it appears that the Sport EV may become a mid-engine road car instead of having the traditional front engine (electric motor that is) layout.

But what if this is not the production version of the Sport EV? Maybe this is the design of the long-rumored baby NSX that will have electric propulsion. Given that it shares a mid-engine layout as its bigger sibling, perhaps this is just a prerequisite for an eventual final design.

Honda Sport EV production image

Whatever the case may be, Honda is showing to the world that electric cars do not have to look boring. Should Honda go for either a retro or more rounded design for their upcoming two-door EV, let's just hope that they're as fun to drive as their VTEC-powered brethren.

Source: AutoWeek via MotorAuthority