It was renowned to be one of the first diesel passenger sedans (and hatchbacks) to offer an automatic transmission here. It also brought in a bit of European flair to the compact sedan crowd too. While it wore an American badge, one could say that the first Ford Focus sold here was a moderate success.

Do you want Ford PH to bring the Focus sedan? image

Now, we're at the fourth-generation and it seems that Ford Philippines doesn't really have plans to bring in the new one. The question now is this: Do you want them to bring in the all-new Ford Focus sedan?

From the front, it looks like the hatchback, but from the middle to the back, it has its own unique styling. Defined creases and lines dominate its flanks, while the rear arches have a bit of a 'coke-bottle' design to it. As for the rear, it has wraparound tail lights and a kicked-up trunklid for a more dynamic look.

Do you want Ford PH to bring the Focus sedan? image

In ST-Line trim, it looks more aggressive too. Up front, it has a deeper front apron and a black honeycomb pattern grill. A subtle skirt further accents the sides while the rear has an integrated diffuser and trunk lip spoiler. The ST-Line package is then rounded up by a set of large alloys wrapped in low-profile tires.

Aside from appearing sporty, it has the power to back up its looks. The Focus ST-Line sedan is powered by a 1.5-liter EcoBoost engine that's good for 180 PS and 244 Nm of torque. It's no longer saddled by the (much maligned) Powershift dual-clutch transmission either. Instead, it now has an eight-speed automatic.

Do you want Ford PH to bring the Focus sedan? image

But for those who want something a little more on the subtle side, there's also the Focus Titanium sedan. It has less sporty cosmetics and has a little bit more chrome. Also, it rides a little bit higher than the ST-Line and is geared more towards the premium side. 

While Focus sales in the country pale in comparison to its Japanese rivals, we reckon the all-new Focus sedan is still worth a look. But will its impressive specs and looks be enough justification to bring it here? Only time will tell.