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Is Nissan considering a rival to the Suzuki Jimny?


Nissan to reveal new 'pickup-based' SUV by 2018

One look at the current list of automobiles for sale in the country and it's safe to say that the market demands SUVs. Now, it appears that Nissan may be looking to expand the range in a bid to further strengthen sales worldwide.

On October 26, 2017, the Nissan executives stated that they will be revealing a 'frame-based' SUV by next year. While there are no specific details for the upcoming SUV, they did say that it will make its debut by the 2018 Beijing Motor Show in April. Our hunch is favoring towards the much-awaited Navara-based PPV that has been spotted testing since last year.


However, it appears that Nissan is also looking to build a body-on-frame vehicle that is smaller than a mid-sized PPV. To be specific, one that is closer in size to the Suzuki Jimny.

This seemingly unusual interest came to us after a conversation with a senior executive from Nissan keenly asked our group of Philippine journalists about the Jimny, probing for information, our opinions and and feedback about the diminutive 4x4's overall performance.

The source said that it is possible to build a small PPV on a shortened pick-up truck chassis. A likely basis of this PPV will be the Navara. Although the source did mention that there may be input from Mitsubishi as well.

That said, the brand says they are committed into further developing more 'frame-based' vehicles in the future. As to what exactly these models will be has yet to be confirmed in an official statement.

Could we see a Jimny-sized fighter from Nissan in the future?

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