Nissan is all set to bring in the all-electric Leaf very soon but the question still lingers: is the Leaf a good option to use a place like Metro Manila?

There are numerous reasons why the Leaf, or any other electric vehicle for that matter, would not make sense in the metropolis such as the lack of infrastructure and charging stations. But, Nissan Philippines is giving us a few reasons why it is more than ready for our challenges.

On the topic of EV infrastructure, Nissan PH says Leaf owners don’t need to go to one of the few charging stations in the country to charge. Instead, they can do so at home by using the universal cable. Owners don’t even have to install a supercharger/wallbox. But if they do decide to, it can even cut down charging time to just a few hours.

Is Nissan’s all-electric Leaf a viable option for Metro Manila? image

Once fully charged, Nissan says the Leaf can already do 311 kilometers. Considering most motorists average 13.2 kilometers a day in Metro Manila, owners can keep driving around town without needing a recharge for at least three weeks. And yes, it can go up to Baguio on a single charge. With ePedal technology, the Leaf even recovers a bit of energy every time the brakes are applied.

If we are to talk about speed, most would say EVs are slow. Well, to an extent, they are not wrong… assuming they happen to be driving an electric golf cart. But, the Leaf can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.9 seconds; nearly as fast or even faster its gasoline- and diesel-powered counterparts. So no, the Leaf is definitely not slow.

Is Nissan’s all-electric Leaf a viable option for Metro Manila? image

With everything listed above, do you think that the Leaf make sense in Metro Manila? We think it does, and honestly, we can’t wait to do a full review of it very soon.