We reckon it’s been about 62 days (give and take) since the lockdowns have been put in place. As early as the 61st day, quarantines have been modified and we saw what looked like a vehicle exodus. Carmageddon!

As of yesterday, various businesses have resumed operations and with that, employees who have cars are inevitably bringing them to and from work. So this begs the question every Filipino must ask: is “Coding” implemented despite the easing of quarantine rules in certain areas?

The simple answer is “No”; at least for the time being, it seems. As of March 13, 2020, the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP) or more commonly known as “Coding” was suspended indefinitely. At the time of publishing, no new announcement has been made by the MMDA regarding the (re-) implementation of the scheme.

With work coming back online, is number coding back? image

We have messaged the MMDA regarding this matter and they have confirmed that Coding is still suspended until further notice. We also asked if there is a planned date as to when it may begin implementation, but were told that there was none at the moment. As for Makati, the Coding scheme is likewise lifted until further notice. 

The UVVRP was put in place as a means to reduce the volume of vehicles on the roads, thereby reducing traffic jams. What was supposed to be a temporary measure has since become a permanent policy and has both raised eyebrows and earned the understanding and acceptance of Philippine motorists to this day.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the great reduction of motor vehicle use has brought us clearer skies and open roads that we probably haven’t seen since the start of the Coding scheme. But, we digress. While we now have the “benefit” of being able to use our hard-earned vehicles five days a week, it still does come with some responsibilities pertaining to how many people can be inside a vehicle and the wearing of face masks inside. So while we can, let’s enjoy it and be responsible motorists at the same time.