Porsche could introduce a Cayenne Coupe by 2019

In more recent years, manufacturers have been introducing more and more crossovers to cater to customer demands. With the increase of crossover models, it also gave rise to what automakers call the 'SUV coupe', such as the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe and the BMW X6. That said, could Porsche soon be joining the line up of SUV coupes with a model of their own?

In a report by Autocar UK, Porsche is set to introduce a Cayenne Coupe to further expand the Cayenne lineup. Don't get confused though. Porsche won't be building a sleek two-door Cayenne as much as that would sound amazing. Instead, their definition of a coupe is in reference to an SUV. It will have four doors but sport a more rakish hatch at the rear coupled with a more slanting roofline.

Porsche CEO Oliver Bloom, which spoke with Autocar UK, hinted that the Cayenne Coupe will be based heavily on the standard Cayenne. That said, expect the same engines found in the stanard Cayenne to be offered in the Coupe as well. The Cayenne Coupe will also be assembled at the same factory in Leipzig, Germany.

Design wise, the coupe is said to nearly identical Porsche counterpart up front save for a unique front bumper. Past the rear doors, the roof will taper off and is met with a newly styled tailgate. A new taillight design, which is reminiscent of the Panamera, will complete the exterior makeover.

Should Autocar UK's report be accurate, the Cayenne Coupe is expected to go on sale in UK during the fourth quarter of 2019. With that, Porsche's SUV Coupe could make its debut later this year or early in 2019.

Source: Autocar UK