Three-row Porsche model reportedly in development

If you want a Porsche crossover, there are only two models to choose from – the Macan and the Cayenne. Three, if you consider the Taycan Cross Turismo as well. But still, the current flagship crossover is the Cayenne. Unlike most flagship models which have three rows of seats, the Cayenne is a two-row model only. But it seems the German marque is planning an even bigger model to expand their crossover lineup.

According to Automotive News, Porsche is supposedly working on a crossover that's longer and wider than the Cayenne. Unlike the current mid-size SUV, this upcoming model could have 7 seats. Allegedly, the automaker showed renders of a possibly larger model to dealers at a recent meeting, and it could arrive in the second half of the decade.

While we don't have photos, a dealer who spoke with Automotive News says the crossover will look nothing like the current Macan and Cayenne. In addition, it could use a plug-in hybrid powertrain at launch followed by an all-electric version to meet the automaker's shift to slowly phase out internal combustion engine models.

A larger 7-seat crossover could greatly benefit Porsche in terms of sales. Earlier this year, the automaker announced that the Cayenne continues to be their best-selling model followed by the Macan. With that in mind, the introduction of a full-size crossover in the coming years seems right. The automaker could also build the full-size SUV with other Volkswagen Group brands, such as Audi and Volkswagen themselves.

What do you think of Porsche possibly expanding their crossover lineup? Is it about time Porsche offered a three-row crossover? Let us know in the comments.