The MMDA was busy cleaning up mud again, this time near Ayala Tunnel northbound

Remember when the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) had to clean up mud along EDSA Guadalupe southbound last week? MMDA Traffic Czar Edison ‘Bong’ Nebrija jokingly said that a random individual might have thought using mud was a good idea to patch up potholes along EDSA.

Jokes aside, Nebrija said the cause of the incident was likely a truck carrying mud that hit a pothole and accidentally spilling it onto the road. Whether it was an accident or not, the MMDA had their hands full cleaning up the mud last week.

Just one week after that incident, and the MMDA is facing a similar problem, this time near the Ayala Tunnel. In a Facebook post early this morning, Nebrija asked motorists to avoid taking Ayala Tunnel northbound due to a mud spill caused by an unknown truck. So far, two motorcycle accidents have already happened due to the mud.

Someone seems to be intentionally dumping mud along EDSA image

The MMDA’s Road Emergency Group has since removed most of the mud and allowed some vehicles to pass through the Ayala Tunnel northbound once more. But since this was the second time a truck reportedly dumped mud along EDSA, Nebrija did not mince words with whoever intentionally caused the incident.

“To the one who intentionally dumped this mud on EDSA. Di po kami naperwisyo mo bayad po oras namin, pero sana makunsensya ka sa ilang ambulansya na naperwisyo ng kalokohan mo. Sana lang di mo mahal sa buhay laman nyan,” said Nebrija.

[To the one who intentionally dumped this mud on EDSA. You didn't bother us since our time is paid, but I hope you'll feel guilty for the ambulances that were bothered by your nonsense. I just hope your loved ones weren’t inside the ambulances]

We’re not entirely sure why someone would dump mud along EDSA, but if it’s a funny prank to cause trouble to motorists and to the MMDA, no one’s laughing.