It seems Subaru wants to make more rugged versions of their crossovers.

Back in March, Subaru released its first-ever Wilderness model with the all-new Outback. Unlike the standard Outback, the Wilderness variant is aimed directly towards the off-roader crowd. It gets a beefed-up suspension, upgraded dampers, a ground clearance of 241mm, chunky all-terrain tires, a front skid plate, a more aggressive rear differential, and a modified all-wheel-drive system.

With those kinds of upgrades, the Outback Wilderness is ready to take on some of the toughest terrains possible. Soon, it looks like another Subaru crossover is set to receive the Wilderness treatment.

Is this the 2022 Subaru Forester Wilderness? image

Subaru confirmed this when they released two new teaser images of an all-new Wilderness model. The automaker didn't reveal what model it is. But based on the photos, it looks like the Forester will be the latest model to get a rugged makeover. Much like the Outback, the mystery model also comes with chunky all-terrain tires and black body cladding around the wheel wells. It also has the 'Wilderness' badge placed on the door to let everybody it's no ordinary Subaru.

Other noticeable upgrades from the teaser photo include a raised ride height. Based on what Subaru changed with the Outback Wilderness, expect to see a front skid plate, improved dampers, as well as an upgraded AWD system on the upcoming Wilderness model.

Subaru did not release an exact date as to when will they reveal their new trail-ready vehicle. But expect the automaker to launch it in the coming weeks or maybe next month. If it is the Forester, it will serve as the brand's second Wilderness model to date after the Outback.