It wasn't long ago that electric cars were met with skepticism, more so the idea of a high-performance electric vehicle. These days however, almost every automaker is coming up with a pure electric concept car. Kia is one of them, and it's a rather bold-looking car.

For the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, the South Korean automaker will be showing a dramatic-looking concept with an all-electric heart. The name? Kia isn't saying anything yet, so we'll just have to wait until March 5 for them to tell us.

But for now, we'll have to settle for the single photo Kia has provided. It has a low, wide stance, suggesting that it will indeed be a sporty car. The low hood also suggests that idea even further. Kia has also taken the LED daytime running lights to the extreme by making it a single strip the runs across the entire front end. Two strips of light then provide illumination. In typical concept car fashion, there are no side mirrors as a pair of cameras are mounted on the concept's front pillars.

Should they bring the yet to be named concept into production, it probably won't end up looking as daring as the display vehicle. That being said, it is possible that Kia is stirring up something special in the future. Could it be a two-door coupe or another sleek high-performance fastback? Nothing is set in stone right now but the next decade looks to be exciting for Kia nonetheless.