We want to believe this is the new Integra

Rumors of the Integra's revival have been going around since last year. Based on a leaked document, Honda's premium division, Acura, supposedly has a “New Compact Sedan Type S” coming within the next two years. Sure, the Integra was popularly known as a coupe, but the first and second-generation models were available as a sedan.

Acura has been quiet regarding the issue. Since then, no new info about the mystery “Compact Sedan Type S” has surfaced as well... but that might change very soon.

Thanks to these new spy photos circulating on the 11th Gen Civic Forum, we might just be looking at the reborn Integra. And from the looks of it, it seems ready to hit production.

Is this the next-gen Honda Civic coupe or the Integra reborn? image

There's still a lot of camouflage on the supposed reborn Integra, so it's hard to pick out details. One of the standout details is the shape of the vehicle itself. Rather than a typical coupe, the camouflaged prototype has a hatch similar to the last-generation Integra – the DC5. The bumper appears to have a large center opening with slim headlights.

The rear photo shows the vehicle's hatchback design even more. Other noticeable details we can pick out are the slim taillights and a slim center-exit exhaust – similar to the Civic Si Coupe in the US.

Speaking of the Civic Coupe, last year, Honda gave us our first look at the next-generation Civic. Even though the automaker called it a “prototype”, it is more or less what the production model will look like. However, Honda only showed the new Civic in sedan form. Assuming they follow the body styles of the current-generation Civic, a coupe and even a hatchback will debut as well. With that in mind, this camouflaged prototype could also be the Civic Coupe.

There are still a lot of unknowns at the moment. So, we will have to wait and see whether Honda reveals the Civic coupe or Acura introduces a new Integra. Given the cult following of the Integra, reviving the model might give the brand a huge sales boost.