For the past couple of years, Ford has been putting in a lot more effort in making, developing, and producing pick-ups, SUVs, and crossovers. In fact, there will be several all-new offerings coming in from the Blue Oval, and one of them is the yet to be named 'Baby Bronco'.

The American automaker has been showing off teasers for the new small crossover, and little is still known about it. Now, there's a much clearer picture as leaked photos show the car in the metal with no camouflage or covers. For now, we still don't know its name but at least we know what it looks like.

By the looks of it Ford has gone retro for its design, employing a boxy, upright look. Another old-school cue are the round headlights, which are modernized to accommodate LED daytime running lights. As a nod to the past, the headlights are then housed within the wide grill with the Ford name boldly spelled out.

Is this Ford's upcoming 'Baby Bronco'?

Both front and rear bumpers are unpainted, and the lower half of the crossover gets thick body cladding. The side glass looks rather unique with its eight-window design. There are no photos of the rear just yet, but it has an upright look with the spare tire hidden from the outside. Another design touch which looks to the past is the 'bubble roof', which kicks up towards the rear.

While Ford insists it's a crossover, it appears to sit higher than the usual 'hatchback on stilts'. Instead, the Baby Bronco looks set for the trail with its chunky all-terrain tires, short overhangs, and the aforementioned ground clearance. For now, engine specs are yet to be known but it is likely it will get an EcoBoost engine under the hood.

Once it's in production, it appears that the 'Baby Bronco' will go up against the likes of the Jeep Renegade, Chevrolet Trax, Honda HR-V, and Mazda CX-3. Should it be sold outside of the US, it could also face competition against the Suzuki Vitara as well.