The significantly updated Hyundai Elantra made its debut just a couple of months back. As it turns out, the 2019 model has slowly been making its way around the world, and we got a closer look at Hyundai's new compact sedan.


On display during the 2019 Singapore Motor Show, the Elantra (badged as the Avante in Singapore) could be similar to the model that the Philippines might soon get. The exterior is largely the same as the ones sold in other markets.

Looking more like a full model change than a heavy facelift, the new Elantra gets a lot of triangular design cues, particularly at the front. Also, the grill is wider and the bumpers are more aggressive. The rear is just as dramatically different as the front with new tail lights, a new trunklid, and bumper. Lastly, wheel designs have been overhauled to complement the changes to the exterior.


Inside, the T-shaped design has been retained but there are several details that distinguishes the 2019 model from the 2015-spec. For starters, there's a new instrument cluster which employs a 'floating needle' look. Also, the steering wheel is now lifted from Hyundai's sports coupe, the Veloster. Lastly, the climate control system has been changed and features larger dials.

Carried over from the pre-facelift Elantra is the engine. It's the same 1.6-liter unit powering the 1600cc models in the Philippines. Power figures are the same at 128 PS and 155 Nm of torque. It then shifts via a six-speed automatic transmission. Manufacturer-claimed fuel consumption s rated at 14.9 kilometers per liter.

With its appearance in Singapore, does this mean we'll get it soon? For now, there is no confirmation yet but if we will, it could be just in a matter of months.